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Papers from journals [11]
Piliszek Sławomir, Wilczyńska-Piliszek Agata J., Falandysz Jerzy: N-octanol-water partition coefficients (log KOW) of 399 congeners of polychlorinated azoxybenzenes (PCAOBs) determined by QSPR- and ANN-based approach, in: Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part Atoxic/hazardous Substances & Environmental Engineering, vol. 46, no. 14, 2011, pp. 1748-1762, DOI:10.1080/10934529.2011.624001
Wilczyńska-Piliszek Agata J., Piliszek Sławomir, Falandysz Jerzy: Use of quantitative-structure property relationship (QSPR) and artificial neural network (ANN) based approaches for estimating the octanol-water partition coefficients of the 209 chlorinated trans-azobenzene congeners, in: Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part B-Pesticides Food Contaminants and Agricultural Wastes, vol. 47, no. 2, 2012, pp. 111-128, DOI:10.1080/03601234.2012.616779
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