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Edited books
Chapters from monography [4]
Schramke Grzegorz : The most recent Kashubian literature : the situation today, achievements and tasks for the foreseeable future, in: Perspectives on contemporary East European literature : beyond national and regional frames / Abe Kenichi (eds.), Slavic Eurasian Studies, no. 30, 2016, Slavic-Eurasian Research Center Hokkaido University, ISBN 978-4-938637-86-6, pp. 131-160
Schramke Grzegorz : Utwory poetyckie Jana Zbrzycy po polsku. Cele tłumaczenia z języka kaszubskiego i trudności w pracy translatorskiej, in: Tłumaczenia z kaszubskiego : osoby, techniki i perspektywy : praca monograficzna / Kalinowski Daniel (eds.), Biblioteka Kaszubska, no. 8, 2015, Wydawnictwo Zrzeszenia Kaszubsko-Pomorskiego : Muzeum Piśmiennictwa i Muzyki Kaszubsko-Pomorskiej, ISBN 978-83-89692-79-5, pp. 111-126
Papers from journals [2]
Ankieta 2013
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* presented value of the Hirsch index is approximative calculation obtained in the Repository based on the scientist's publications (including autocitations) in the Repository and Internet information analysis. The value is close to the value obtained with the Publish or Perish system. In general it is higher than the value given by the Scopus or Web of Science sites. In the case of undervalued number, first of all take care of completeness of the Repository.
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