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Paulina Czaplewska,
Zespół Laboratoriów Specjalistycznych MWB UG i GUMed
Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG


Chapters from monography [4]
Maszota-Zieleniak Martyna, Czaplewska Paulina, Śladewska Anna [et al.]: NMR-based conformational studies of the C-terminal heptadecapeptide(101-117) of human cystatin C, in: Peptides 2010 : tales of peptides : proceedings of thirty-first European Peptide Symposium, September 5-9, 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2010, European Peptide Society, ISBN 0-9715560-5-9, pp. 594-595
Szymańska Aneta, Czaplewska Paulina, Jankowska Elżbieta [et al.]: The influence of hinge loop L1 of human cystatin C on its dimerization and oligomerization propensities, in: Peptides 2008 : Chemistry of peptides in life science, technology and medicine : proceedings of the Thirtieth European Peptide Symposium, 2008, The Finnish Peptide Society : The European Peptide Society, ISBN 978-952-92-7697-4, pp. 630-631
Papers from journals [22]
Ankieta 2013
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