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Rajmund Kaźmierkiewicz,
Laboratory of Biomolecular Systems Simulations
Institute of Biotechnology
Phone: +48 58 523 63 40


Chapters from monography [3]
Florek Anna, Kaźmierkiewicz Rajmund: Modelowanie molekularne - przegląd zastosowań w naukach przyrodniczych, in: Výzkum, teorie a praxe v didaktice chemie : 2. část: přehledové studie a krátké informace : sborník přednášek 19. Mezinárodní konference o výuce chemie, 2009, University of Hradec Králové, ISBN 978-80-7041-839-0, pp. 297-305
Florek Anna, Kaźmierkiewicz Rajmund: Promoting pupils' interest in science - some new approaches in Poland, in: Socio-cultural and Human Values in Science and Technology Education : XIV IOSTE Symposium, Bled, Slovenia, June 13.-18. 2010 : conference proceedings, 2010, Institute for Innovation and Development of University, ISBN 978-961-92882-1-4, pp. 1351-1352
Gruszczyński Paweł, Yoshikami Doju, Kaźmierkiewicz Rajmund [et al.]: Molecular modeling of the interactions between μ-conotoxin SmIIIA and the pore of voltage-gated sodium channel subtypes NaV1.2 and NaV1.4, in: Peptides 2010 : tales of peptides : proceedings of thirty-first European Peptide Symposium, September 5-9, 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2010, European Peptide Society, ISBN 0-9715560-5-9, pp. 318-319
Papers from journals [13]
Ankieta 2013
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