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Stefan Bouzarovski,
Depertment of Socio-Economic Geography
Institute of Geography
Phone: +48 58 523 65 72


Authored books [2]
Edited books [3]
Chapters from monography [9]
Barker Elton, Isaksen Leif, Rabinowitz Nick [et al.]: On using a digital resources for the study of an ancient text: the case of Herodotus' Histories, in: The digital classicist 2013 / Dunn Stuart, Mahony Simon (eds.), Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies. Supplement, no. 122, 2013, Institute of Classical Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London, ISBN 978-1-905670-49-9, pp. 45-62
Bouzarovski Stefan, Papastamou Andreas: Network theory and town twinning: implications for urban development policy in post-socialist Europe, in: Selected aspects of transformation in countries of Central and Central-Eastern Europe : a book dedicated to professor Oleh Shabliy upon the 50th anniversary of scientific work, 2010, Wydawnictwo "Bernardinum", ISBN 978-83-7380-816-4, pp. 129-145
Bouzarovski Stefan, Petrova Saska, Kitching Matthew [et al.]: Precarious domesticities: energy vulnerability among urban young adults, in: Energy justice in a changing climate: social equity implications of the energy and low-carbon relationship / Bickerstaff Karen, Walker Gordon, Bulkele Harriet (eds.), 2013, Zed Books, ISBN 978-1-78032-577-4, pp. 30-45
Papers from journals [27]
Ankieta 2013
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