Timetable for sustainable controlling implementation

Anna Siemionek


The main objective of this article is to identify the criteria for sustainable controlling implementation. On the basis of direct surveys and literature, the role its implementations and its schedule are assessed. Another aspect of the sustainable implementation is a uniform intensity of the works within the time. There is a good practice to avoid the implementation of the excessive number of tasks and their disappearance. High intensity of works in the first period of implementation is quite often in the practice. This can be caused by the concentration of operations at the beginning of the project. This commitment to the project may go away and at the end which can result in delays in implementing the next stages. The intensity of works can be resumed again in the last quarter of the year. In this case it may happen due to a desire to complete the project within the previous deadline. Those mentioned problems are usually caused by bad planning and compliance with the work schedule. Planning the work schedule one should take into consideration factors of seasonality functioning of a specific company and holiday leaves. During these periods there can be expected a decrease in the intensity of activities.
Autor Anna Siemionek (WZ / KFP)
Anna Siemionek
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Książka Slavíčková Pavla , Talášek Tomáš (red.): Knowledge for market use 2018: public finances in the background of sustainable development: international scientific conference proceedings, 2018, Palacký University Olomouc, ISBN 978-80-244-5392-7, 511 s.
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