Wykaz czynszów i służb komturstwa człuchowskiego z 1446 roku wraz z inwentarzem koni, uzbrojenia i zapasów kuchni na zamku w Człuchowie

Rafał Kubicki


The edition presented here encompasses the register of rents and services of the commandry of Człuchów written in 1446, now preserved in the Secret State Archives Prussian Cultural Heritage (Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz) in Berlin Dahlem. It also includes the inventory of horses, weapons and kitchen supplies in Człuchów castle, which was published earlier in the so-called Great Book of Offices (Das grosse Ämterbuch des Deutschen Ordens).The register of rents from the year 1446 is similar in content to the register of rents of the commandry from the year 1437 published as part of the so-called Great Rent Book (Das grosse Zinsbuch des Deutschen Ritterordens), including the data acquired during a nationwide visit. The register of 1446 includes more detailed information about the subject matter, as it records not only the number of hinds actually populated along with the value of the rent paid for them, but also the number of empty hinds and hinds in the process of settlement (in the period of the so-called wolnizna) with the date of the payment of the first rent. The register also includes rents imposed on inns and mills operating in the territory of the commandry, the former payments of knights according to Polish law (the monetary equivalent of a cow and a pig – the payment was referred to as swen und ku tzinß) along with the so-called forest oat (walthaber) – the charge for permission to collect brushwood and pasture the cattle in the beech forests of the Teutonic Order. In the final part, the source includes the register of the knight’s servants along with a list of estates that were manned with peasants or had a military function as well as abandoned ones, unable at that time to play any military role.
Author Rafał Kubicki (FH / IH)
Rafał Kubicki,,
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