Magia Sampo. Transtekstualna lektura Strażników Sampo Timo Parveli

Hanna Dymel-Trzebiatowska


The aim of the paper it to discuss inter-, para- and metatextaul references included in the two first volumes of the trilogy The Guards of the Sampo by Timo Parvela: The Sword (2007, in Polish 2011) and Tiera (2008, in Polish 2015). The author furnishes young adults with an interesting reading based on an explicit hypotext in form of The Kalevala compiled by Elias Lönnrot. In the analyses, the focus is laid on selection and transformation of characters and threads from the Finnish epic and on the purpose of their employment in the contemporary young adult novel. Some light is also cast on the occurrence of other elements of the Finnish mythology which were not included in The Kalevala but have been discussed by Martti Haavio. Furthermore, with a point of departure in Maria Nikolajeva’s fantasem model The Guards of the Sampo is pictured as a fantasy which subtly relates to the classics of the genre: Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling and The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.
Author Hanna Dymel-Trzebiatowska (FL/ISS)
Hanna Dymel-Trzebiatowska,,
- Institute of Scandinavian Studies
Other language title versionsThe magic of the Sampo. A transtextual reading of The Guards of the Sampo by Timo Parvela
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Book Wojan Katarzyna (eds.): Obszary fennistyki: język, kultura, naród: tom wydany z okazji 100-lecia niepodległości Finlandii, Studia Północnoeuropejskie, no. 6, 2019, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego, ISBN 978-83-7865-829-0, 346 p.
Keywords in EnglishFinnish young adult literature, the Sampo, Kalevala, fantasy, transtextuality
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