Wybrane modele perswazyjne i techniki lingwistyczne w kształtowaniu przekonań zinterioryzowanych

Elżbieta Pietraś


This paper analyzes how words can affect one’s mood, emotions, motivation, health, and even build one’s identity. This is confirmed by modern research in the field of psycholinguistics and medicine. The power of persuasion of external verbal messages and their influence on the individual and their perception of the “I” are widely known. Few scholars, however, draw attention to the role of internal speech, a dialogue with oneself, which can comfort or hurt a person. One is not always able to control it, though it is of great importance for motivation and personality development. Research on the strength of the verbal placebo and nocebo show what changes take place in the brain and under the influence of anti-assertive speech, how one can work in a conscious way on the “programming” of the internal dialogue. There exist modern psychotherapeutic tools based on the analysis of language and semantics of convictions such as Rational Behavior Therapy. It is a method of a rational destruction of harmful beliefs and converting them according to healthy semantics speech. This language-based method is widely applied in work with cancer-diagnosed patients.
Author Elżbieta Pietraś (FL / IESP)
Elżbieta Pietraś,,
- Institute of Eastern-Slavic Philology
Other language title versionsSelected persuasion models and linguistic techniques in shaping interiorized convictions
Book Sładkiewicz Żanna, Klimkiewicz Aleksandra (eds.): Perswazja językowa w różnych dyskursach, vol. 4, 2019, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego, ISBN 978-83-7865-822-1, 290 p.
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Keywords in Englishpersuasion, healthy semantics, placebo, nocebo, internal speech, internal monologue, assertive speech, convictions, Rational Behavior Therapy, psycholinguistics
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