Characteristics of the water network in postglacial areas of Northern Poland

Elżbieta Bajkiewicz-Grabowska , Włodzimierz Golus , Maciej Markowski , Monika Kwidzińska


The characteristics of the postglacial relief of northern Poland, which is responsible for the initial development of the water network in this area, were described. The dominant form of relief in this area is concave forms of the terrain, clusters of which form areas permanently or periodically excluded from river runoff. In the area of the basal moraine, in the beds of these depressions there are usually lakes of various sizes, including the smallest ones – postglacial ponds, some of which are periodically connected by short watercourses. On outwash plains only deep channels are occupied by lakes; all other concave forms, often with significant denivelations, are dry. The main objects of the hydrographic network of the postglacial areas are primarily lakes, boggy areas and watercourses: those of the lower orders in the Strahler classification, usually short, often periodic, functioning as overflows, and those using valleys formed by postglacial rivers (channels, stagnant ice melt-outs, fluvioglacial valleys), which are the main drainage axis. It was pointed out that in the postglacial areas of northern Poland, three types of hydrographic network can be distinguished, differing in the degree of river runoff organization: the hydrographic network of endorheic areas, the river-lake network and the mature river network (lakeland rivers).
Author Elżbieta Bajkiewicz-Grabowska (FOG / IG / DLimn)
Elżbieta Bajkiewicz-Grabowska,,
- Department of Limnology
, Włodzimierz Golus (FOG / IG / DLimn)
Włodzimierz Golus,,
- Department of Limnology
, Maciej Markowski (FOG / IG / DLimn)
Maciej Markowski,,
- Department of Limnology
, Monika Kwidzińska (FOG / IG / DLimn)
Monika Kwidzińska,,
- Department of Limnology
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Book Ewa Korzeniewska, Monika Harnisz (eds.): Polish river basins and lakes: part 1, hydrology and hydrochemistry, The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry, no. 86, 2020, Springer, ISBN 978-3-030-12122-8, [978-3-030-12123-5], 370 p., DOI:10.1007/978-3-030-12123-5
Keywords in Englishendorheic areas, lakeland rivers, ponds, postglacial landscape, river-lake network
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