Fenomen obrzędowości pogrzebowej z wczesnej fazy recepcji chrześcijaństwa na przykładzie cmentarzysk z rubieży słowiańsko-pruskiej

Arkadiusz Koperkiewicz


One of the most fascinating issues in the research on Early Medieval funeral rituality are the phenomena observed in the beginnings of the Christianity reception. On Polish lands this took place at the turn of 11 century, in the times when people gradually refrained from the cremation of the dead. The material known from the cemeteries discloses several practices earlier unknown exemplified by the remains related to the funeral ceremony. Simultaneously to the beginnings of inhumation practices we notice the occurrence of rich grave endowment. Not before the organizational structures of the Church were established and a net of parishes developed was there an end put to those practices and standardized funeral liturgy was introduced. This liturgy will not change very much through the ages. So the reduction of grave endowment, domination of the western grave orientation and placing the cemeteries only with the temples are the most important features of the late phase of Slavic funeral rituality: around second half of the 12 and beginning of the 13 century. The characteristic of funeral phenomena is based on the analysis of well recognized grave aggregations from sites, which may be called representative necropolises such as: Kałdus (site 4), Brodnica Szabda-Cegielnia, Kozice-Smorzewo, Pokrzywnica Wielka, Sypniewo, Skiwy Małe, Czarna Wielka, Daniłowo Małe, Dobrzyki, Cerkiewnik, Równinie Dolnej. The differences in genesis, size and chronology fit into the time between the beginning of 11 and beginning of 14 centuries and feature the characteristic of changes in the funeral rituality of the Slavic-Prussian border lands. No doubt the issue of skeleton ritual reception on Prussian lands and the reception of the medieval funeral ritual is a wide research field still not penetrated well enough. The majority of discoveries of which we build the picture of early medieval funeral rituality of the Prussians has had an accidental character. It seems that only systematic research of early medieval Prussian cemeteries can change this state of affairs.
Author Arkadiusz Koperkiewicz (FH / IAiE)
Arkadiusz Koperkiewicz,,
- Instytut Archeologii i Etnologii
Other language title versionsThe phenomenon of funeral rituals in the early phase of Christianity reception on the example of cemeteries of the Slavic Prussian borderlands
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Book Grążawski Kazimierz, Dulinicz Marek (eds.): Pogranicza kulturowe w Europie Średniowiecznej: Słowianie i ich sąsiedzi, 2012, Multi B. Grzybowska - T. Siekierski ; Fundacja Vetustats Przestrzeń Pogranicza, ISBN 978-83-89963-38-3, 268 p.
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