Instytucjonalne formy aktywnego przeciwdziałania bezrobociu wśród ludzi młodych

Paweł Trawicki


In today's social changes, the problem of the threat to social security caused by the phenomenon of unemployment is of great importance. It is particularly implemented on the basis of the age group of people up to the age of 35. Many types of unemployment are distinguished. The state towards the labor market can conduct an active and passive policy. The presentation of the problem of unemployment as a significant threat to the social security of young people has adopted the methodological orientation of institutionalism. The organization of Voluntary Labor Corps is an exemplification of institutions that actively counteract the occurrence or deepening of unemployment. At present, in Poland in the post-transformation period, the socio-economic reality expresses the need to continue the VLC mission. The global crisis, the symptoms of which have been observed since 2006, has come to a declining end, announcing the recovery of the economy. Thus, there are groups of young people whose families have been affected by unemployment, poverty or social pathology, who in the next few years may become a desirable group of employees through VLC’s educational and professional activities. It is not possible to completely eliminate the phenomenon of unemployment and even the threat of unemployment among people under 35. It is important to minimize their effects and to prepare young people for the challenges of modern times. Voluntary Labor Corps have a potential that places this institution among important elements on the labor market, which work to minimize the threat to social security caused by unemployment.
Author Paweł Trawicki (FSS/IPS/DCHPT)
Paweł Trawicki,,
- Division of Contemporary History and Political Thought
Other language title versionsInstitutional form of counteracting the threat to social security of young people
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Book Hаука, освіта, суспільство: реалії, виклики, перспективи: матеріали конференції, vol. 1, 2019, Донецький Hаціональний Yніверситет iмені Bасиля Cтуса : ТОВ "ТВОРИ", ISBN 978-966-949-027-8, 224 p.
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