Chleb równości na stołach braterstwa. O jedzeniu w czasach rewolucji francuskiej

Monika Milewska


The French Revolution was preceded with years of poor harvest and riots connected with the increase in bread price. The famine and high prices influenced the course of the revolution and its radicalisation. The management of — still modest — food resources quickly became visibly ideological. It can be exemplified by so-called „civic fasts”, which Jacobins advocated. Out of love for their homeland, citizens were supposed to refrain from eating meat, which was in short supply and was necessary to feed the revolutionary army. Dealing with the shortages led to solutions which will be repeatedly resorted to by communist countries in the future, in particular food rationing on the basis of ration stamps. Apart from the epoch-making invention of ration stamps, the revolution also introduced strictly standardised “bread of freedom” and so-called “brotherly meals” organised in city streets on the occasion of revolutionary holidays. The model advocated by the revolution was a Spartan eating style — community-based and modest, and the term „sybarite” was sometimes a political accusation.
Author Monika Milewska (FH/IAiE)
Monika Milewska,,
- Instytut Archeologii i Etnologii
Other language title versionsBread of freedom on tables of brotherhood. On food during the French Revolution
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Book Markiewicz Mariusz, Kuras Katarzyna, Niedziela Rafał (eds.): Ab occidente referunt..."Zachód" doby nowożytnej w badaniach historyków polskich, Studia z Historii Nowożytnej, no. 4, 2018, Towarzystwo Wydawnicze Historia Iagellonica, Uniwersytet Jagielloński , ISBN 978-83-65080-78-3, 349 p.
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