Surowce i narzędzia kamienne ze stanowiska archeologicznego nr 1 w Rzucewie

Piotr Czubla , Piotr Paweł Woźniak


The analysed set of stone objects from Rzucewo site (334 items) consists of different types rocks, but the most frequent are sandstones (42.8%) following by diabases (15.0%), amphibolites (13.8%) and granitoides (13.5%). If only specimens recognised as a tool are taken to account (251 items), proportions of the hardest rocks increase (40.2%, 17.9%, 15.9%, and 11.2% respectively). This suggest the sorting of collected raw material and using its specific sorts preferred for the manufacturing of given type of a tool. Axes and their fragments are the most frequent in the analysed set (91 items). They are associated by chisels (13 items) and some hammers and hatchets (the latter ones only as fragments of tools). Very common are artefacts which are an evidence of such tools manufacturing, especially polishing slabs (66 items, commonly only as their fragments), moreover 7 polishing boulders were found. This is the prove that in Rzucewo the workshop of stone tools existed. The high intensity of tool using is identified, including re-using of worn out and damaged tools, simultaneously with the quite common presence of semi-manufactured tools and tools without signs of use. This confirm previous reports that Rzucewo site shows not only the record of stone-tool manufacturing but as well as the regular processing of a different material, like a wood for dugout canoes. The analysed stone artefacts were found in different stratigraphic positions, like: the colluvium material (layers I and II), the anthropogenic layer and in selected archaeological objects. The recognised complex of intentionally prepared places for stone-tool manufacturing is a very rare archaeological find in the eastern Pomerania. The Kujawy region is the closest one were analogies for it were found. Those similar objects were recognised in archaeological sites of the Funnel Beaker culture and the Globular Amphora culture.
Author Piotr Czubla
Piotr Czubla,,
, Piotr Paweł Woźniak (FOG / IG / DGQG)
Piotr Paweł Woźniak,,
- Department of Geomorphology and Quarternary Geology
Other language title versionsStone materials and tools from the archaeological site no. 1 at Rzucewo
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Book Król Danuta (eds.): Zespół osadniczy z epoki kamienia - Rzucewo, gmina Puck, stanowisko 1, Fontes Commentationesque ad Res Gestas Gedani et Pomeraniae, no. 7, 2018, Muzeum Archeologiczne, ISBN 978-83-85824-94-7, 255 p.
Keywords in Englishstone tool, erratic, Scandinavian rocks, Neolithic period, Puck Lagoon
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