Organisational and communication competencies of accounting specialists in the opinion of 'finance and accounting' students at the University of Gdansk

Arleta Szadziewska , Jarosław Kujawski


Nowadays, extensive knowledge and technical skills are no longer the only abilities expected from accounting specialists. For an organization to achieve its objectives and create its value, organizational and communicative competencies are required on the part of its employees. Such skills enable accounting specialists to understand the organisation’s business model and identify the key success factors in the dynamically changing environment. The article analyses the second part of the outcomes of a survey research titled ‘The Competencies required for accounting specialists, in the opinion of the ‘Finance and Accounting’ students’. The results were derived from a survey carried out among the students realizing expanded university programs in accounting, at the Faculty of Management, at the Gdansk University in Poland. The survey was aimed at answering the following questions: 1 what, in the opinion of the ‘Finance and Accounting’ students, are the organizational and the communicative competencies required by the employers recruiting specialists in accounting; 2 what personality traits should a person employed as an accounting specialist exhibit. In order to obtain answers to the above questions, a scientific observation was conducted by the means of a questionnaire, which was distributed among the full-time and the part-time undergraduate students as well as among the part-time postgraduate students of ‘Accounting’ and ‘Statutory Auditor’ specialties, at the Faculty of Management of the Gdansk University. The scientific observation was carried out by the means of a questionnaire, which was prepared in a manner ensuring collection of the information required. It was addressed to the full-time and the parttime undergraduate students of the ‘Accounting’ and the ‘Statutory Auditor’ specialties at the Faculty of Management of the Gdansk University. We received 138 correctly filled in questionnaires, 53 from the full-time students and 85 from the part-timers, which yielded a response rate of 80.2%. To assess the usefulness of the organisational and the communicative competencies required at the positions of accounting specialists, statistical measures of location and dispersion, based on the Likert scale, were applied. This allowed us to ascertain the degree of importance the respondents have attached to these competencies, as far as job searching is concerned. We found that, in the students’ opinion, the work of an accounting specialist requires, first and foremost, such organisational and communicative competencies as: the ability to work independently and the ability to manage one’s own time (135 respondents, i.e. 97.8%), the ability to work under the pressure of time (97.1%) and the ability to make decisions (91.3%). The most important personal qualities regarded as those required by employers, in the recruitment process, primarily were: conscientiousness (138 respondents, the entire population under consideration), meticulousness (99.3%), keeping agreements (98.6%) and resistance to stress (97.1%). The research conducted provides information on what features and skills should be characteristic of the students who want to work as specialists in accounting. Knowledge on this subject should facilitate adjustment of the University’s educational offer to the expectations of the persons, who link their future professional careers with the discipline of finance and accounting.
Author Arleta Szadziewska (FM / DA / FAU)
Arleta Szadziewska,,
- Financial Accounting Unit
, Jarosław Kujawski (FM / DA / MAU)
Jarosław Kujawski,,
- Management Accounting Unit
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Book Chova L. Gómez, López Martínez A., Torres I. Candel (eds.): ICERI2018 Conference Proceedings: 11th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, Seville (Spain), 12-14 November 2018, ICERI Proceedings, 2018, IATED Academy, ISBN 978-84-09-05948-5
Keywords in Englishstudents, professional accountants, communication and organizational competencies, soft skills, University of Gdansk, Poland
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