Od archiwaliów do dziedzictwa dokumentacyjnego. Profil najważniejszych pojęć prawnych

Katarzyna Sikora


100 years soon will pass from the first legal act in the field of protection of monument – it is decree of the Regency Council of March 31, 1918. The upcoming jubilee is an opportunity to take a closer look the law of protection of cultural heritage in holistic perspective and as potential new branch of law. The article aims to emphasize several issue, such as the place of archive materials and archives in the law protection of cultural heritage. For over a decade, a significant increase in interest in the protection of cultural heritage has been observed. The interdisciplinary nature of this science means that the research on its subject is undertaken by practitioners from more and more new fields. It is not secret that conservators, lawyers, architects and museologists are the leaders, however, very interesting issues are raised also by librarians, archivists, archaeologists, and even political scientists and philologists. A significant part of elaborations is devoted to monuments, museums and works of art, while the library materials and archives have been devoted to a much smaller number of studies. The concept of archival materials has evolved in polish law, and its perception and significance have also changed. This article discusses this issue and gives a contribution to the discussion on how we should treat archival materials and collections, and what is their impact on the protection of cultural heritage. Moreover, the text rise the question about the place of these objects. Is it closer to mu- seums and works of art, or archaeological heritage?
Author Katarzyna Sikora (FLA)
Katarzyna Sikora,,
- Faculty of Law and Administration
Other language title versionsFrom archival records to the documentary inheritance. Pivotal legal concepts profile
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Book Różański Mieczysław (eds.): Ochrona dóbr kultury w rozwoju historycznym, KPP Monografie, 2017, Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski w Olsztynie, ISBN 978-83-65992-06-2, 228 p.
Keywords in Englishcultural heritage, historical records, archives, documentary heritage, Memory of The Word
URL http://uwm.edu.pl/kpp/files/numery_kpp/kpp_monografie_ochrona_dobr_kultury.pdf
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