A multi-proxy, diachronic and spatial perspective on the urban activities within an indigenous community in medieval Riga, Latvia

Rowena Yvonne Banerjea , Monika Badura , Uldis Kalējs , Aija Cerina , Krzysztof Gos , Sheila Hamilton-Dyer , Mark Maltby , Krish Seetah , Aleks Pluskowski


The research presented here represents the first urban medieval context in Latvia where an integrated, multi-proxy environmental sampling strategy has been applied. The establishment of Riga, the modern capital of Latvia, is synonymous with the Livonian Crusade, and the foundation of the medieval town is examined here. This study uses an intra-site comparison of environmental datasets from several buildings to provide a unique, high resolution, diachronic analysis of the daily life of the inhabitants within the pre-Hansa town, and specifically of the indigenous ‘Liv’ population during the period of the Livonian crusades, 1198–1291. The integrated zooarchaeological, archaebotanical, and geochemical datasets from two successive phases of buildings show a pattern of tradition and continuity in indigenous practices within the ‘Liv District’. Despite being located within Riga with access to wide trade networks, the environmental results from ‘Liv district’ show the self-contained, insular nature of the diet and craft activities of the inhabitants who exploited a range of open grassland, wetland and forest edge environments around the town.
Autor Rowena Yvonne Banerjea
Rowena Yvonne Banerjea
, Monika Badura (WB / KER)
Monika Badura
- Katedra Ekologii Roślin
, Uldis Kalējs
Uldis Kalējs
, Aija Cerina
Aija Cerina
, Krzysztof Gos (WB / KTRiOP)
Krzysztof Gos
- Katedra Taksonomii Roślin i Ochrony Przyrody
, Sheila Hamilton-Dyer
Sheila Hamilton-Dyer
, Mark Maltby
Mark Maltby
, Krish Seetah
Krish Seetah
, Aleks Pluskowski
Aleks Pluskowski
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Rok wydania2017
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Klasyfikacja ASJC1904 Earth-Surface Processes
URL http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.quaint.2017.02.006
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