So-called realists vs. cosmopolitans? The Black Sea region in programs of the main Polish political parties (the law and justice and the civic platform)

Arkadiusz Modrzejewski


In this paper I present two contrary political programmes of two largest Polish political forces, i.e.,the Civic Platform and the Law and Justice in the context of the perception of Poland’s relations with the Black Sea countries. I tried to embed them in the discourse carried out on the ground of the normative theory of international relations between so-called realism and cosmopolitanism. Two competing visions emerge from the analysis of the content of their political programmes: the pro-European position of the PO and the approach of the PiS focused on the national interest. And although in many points the views of both parties are convergent, especially when it comes to diagnosis, they differ in their attitudes toward the EU, treated either as a guarantor of stability and peace in Europe (the PO) or as a force obstructive of the realisation of national interests, which needs to be reformed in the spirit of the idea of Europe of Homelands.
Autor Arkadiusz Modrzejewski (WNS / IPol / ZHNiMP)
Arkadiusz Modrzejewski
- Zakład Historii Najnowszej i Myśli Politycznej
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Książka Dimitrov Dimitar, Palangurski Milko, Hristova Nadezhda, Hristova Veneta, Bouzov Vihren (red.): 2nd Southeast Europe: history, culture, politics, and economy: proceedings of international conference: "St. Cyril and St. Methodius" University of Veliko Tarnovo, February, 18th 2019, 2019, Filodiritto, ISBN 978-88-85813-37-3, 111 s.
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