Alterations in the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) eggs exposed to ionizing radiation during induced androgenesis

Marcin Polonis , Krzysztof Jagiełło , Stefan Dobosz , Rafał Rożyński , Paulina Kondraciuk , Artur Gurgul , Tomasz Szmatoła , Konrad Ocalewicz


Ionizing radiation (IR) is applied to inactivate nuclear genome in the salmonid eggs to induce androgenetic development. However, it has been considered that doses of IR used to damage maternal chromosomes may also affect morphology of the eggs and decrease their developmental potential. Thus, the main goal of the present research was to assess alterations in the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) eggs caused by the high dose of IR administered during androgenesis. In the present research, rainbow trout eggs were irradiated with 350 Gy of X‐rays, inseminated and exposed to the high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) shock to develop as androgenetic doubled haploids (DHs). The distribution of lipid droplets in the irradiated and non‐irradiated rainbow trout eggs, survival rates and morphology of larvae from androgenetic and control groups were compared. It has been observed that non‐irradiated and irradiated eggs exhibited altered distribution of lipid droplets. Most of the eggs before IR treatment displayed rather equal distribution of the oil droplets. In turn, majority of eggs studied after irradiation had coalesced lipid droplets, a pattern found in eggs with reduced quality. Incidences of abnormally developed larvae were more frequently observed among fish that hatched from the irradiated eggs. Observed changes suggest X‐rays applied for the genetic inactivation of rainbow trout eggs may lead to decrease of their developmental competence.
Autor Marcin Polonis (WOiG / IO / ZBiEM)
Marcin Polonis
- Zakład Biologii i Ekologii Morza
, Krzysztof Jagiełło (WOiG / IO / ZBiEM)
Krzysztof Jagiełło
- Zakład Biologii i Ekologii Morza
, Stefan Dobosz
Stefan Dobosz
, Rafał Rożyński
Rafał Rożyński
, Paulina Kondraciuk (WOiG / IO)
Paulina Kondraciuk
- Instytut Oceanografii
, Artur Gurgul
Artur Gurgul
, Tomasz Szmatoła
Tomasz Szmatoła
, Konrad Ocalewicz (WOiG / IO / ZBiEM)
Konrad Ocalewicz
- Zakład Biologii i Ekologii Morza
Tytuł czasopisma/seriiReproduction in Domestic Animals, ISSN 0936-6768, (A 25 pkt)
Rok wydania2019
Objętość publikacji w arkuszach wydawniczych0.5
Słowa kluczowe w języku angielskimandrogenesis, body malformations, egg quality, lipid droplets, reactive oxygen species
Klasyfikacja ASJC1310 Endocrinology; 1103 Animal Science and Zoology; 1305 Biotechnology
Języken angielski
Punktacja (całkowita)25
PunktacjaPunktacja MNiSW = 25.0, 24-07-2019, ArticleFromJournal
Wskaźniki publikacji Scopus SNIP (Source Normalised Impact per Paper): 2017 = 0.934; Impact Factor WoS: 2017 = 1.422 (2) - 2017=1.599 (5)
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