Nanosize effect of clay mineral nanoparticles on the drug diffusion processes in polyurethane nanocomposite hydrogels

Marta Miotke , Justyna Strankowska , Jerzy Kwela , M. Strankowski , Ł. Piszczyk , Marek Józefowicz , M. Gazda


Studies of swelling and release of naproxen sodium (NAP) solution by polyurethane nanocomposite hydrogels containing Cloisite® 30B (organically modified montmorillonite (OMMT)) have been performed. Polyurethane nanocomposite hydrogels are hybrid, nontoxic biomaterials with unique swelling and release properties in comparison with unmodified hydrogels. These features enable to use nanocomposite hydrogels as a modern wound dressing. The presence of nanoparticles significantly improves the swelling. On the other hand, their presence hinders drug diffusion from polymer matrix and consequently causes delay of the drug release. The kinetics of swelling and release were carefully analyzed using the Korsmeyer-Peppas and the modified Hopfenberg models. The models were fitted to precise experimental data allowing accurate quantitative and qualitative analysis. We observed that 0.5% admixture of nanoparticles (Cloisite® 30B) is the best concentration for hydrogel swelling properties. The release process was studied using fluorescence excitation spectra of NAP. Furthermore, we studied swelling hysteresis; polymer chains have not been destroyed after the swelling and part of swelled solution with active substances which remained absorbed in the polymer matrix after the drying process. We have found that the amount of solution with NAP remained in the nanocomposite matrix is greater than in pure hydrogel, as a consequence of NAP-OMMT interactions (nanosize effect).
Autor Marta Miotke (WMFiI / IFD)
Marta Miotke
- Instytut Fizyki Doświadczalnej
, Justyna Strankowska (WMFiI / IFD)
Justyna Strankowska
- Instytut Fizyki Doświadczalnej
, Jerzy Kwela (WMFiI / IFD)
Jerzy Kwela
- Instytut Fizyki Doświadczalnej
, M. Strankowski
M. Strankowski
, Ł. Piszczyk
Ł. Piszczyk
, Marek Józefowicz (WMFiI / IFD)
Marek Józefowicz
- Instytut Fizyki Doświadczalnej
, M. Gazda
M. Gazda
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Tytuł czasopisma/seriiThe European Physical Journal Plus, ISSN 2190-5444, (A 25 pkt)
Rok wydania2017
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Klasyfikacja ASJC3100 General Physics and Astronomy
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