Determinants of public transport integration in cities and in the region at the example of Pomorskie Voivodeship

Krzysztof Grzelec , Olgierd Wyszomirski


Unintegrated public transport in cities and regions fails to meet the needs and preferences of the inhabitants. Disintegration can be observed mainly within the operational and economic areas. There are various types and forms of public transport integration in the cities and regions. Specific integration-related solutions can be observed in the cities and regions of France, the USA and Great Britain. The region where further public transport integration is necessary is the Pomorskie Voivodeship in Poland. The region is home to polycentric metropolis of Gda´nsk with Gda´nsk and Gdynia as its major cities. The earlier achievements related to public transport integration in this area cannot be regarded as satisfactory. They resulted from specific circumstances, the most important of which were political ones. Fares for services in terms of their amount, structure and collection play an important role in the process of public transport integration in the cities and the region. Modal split between public transport and individual trips by private cars can be recognized as a measure of success related to integration with impact on the attractiveness of public transport offer.
Autor Krzysztof Grzelec
Krzysztof Grzelec
, Olgierd Wyszomirski (WE / KRT)
Olgierd Wyszomirski
- Katedra Rynku Transportowego
Objętość publikacji w arkuszach wydawniczych1
Książka Suchanek Michał (red.): Challenges of urban mobility, transport companies and systems: 2018 TranSopot Conference, Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics, 2019, Springer International Publishing, ISBN 978-3-030-17742-3, [978-3-030-17743-0], 342 s., DOI:10.1007/978-3-030-17743-0
Słowa kluczowe w języku angielskimpublic transport, city, region, transport integration, determinants of integration
Języken angielski
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