"Nikt, czyli Każdy". O Męce Powtórzenia w Kreacji

Joanna Puzyna-Chojka


The author, departing from a question about the reasons behind Kreacja’s stage popularity, analyzes the structure of this work and relations between characters. This allows her to point out the affiliations of this drama with mythical, biblical and literary storytelling patterns and to situate it within the context of the writer’s biographic legend. In analysing the staging directed by Jarosław Tumidajski (Wybrzeże Theatre, 2017) and by referencing Hermann Nitsch’s performances, the author accentuates the problems that mark Iredyński’s work: erasure of the past, search for authenticity, self-creation, references to the sacral sphere.
Author Joanna Puzyna-Chojka (FL / PPP)
Joanna Puzyna-Chojka,,
- Institute of Polish Philology
Other language title versions"No-one, Meaning Everybody". On The Agony of Repetition in "Kreacja" [Creation]
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Book Majchrowski Zbigniew, Wroniszewski Maksymilian (eds.): re: Iredyński, 2018, Instytut Badań Literackich Polskiej Akademii Nauk, ISBN 978-83-66076-17-4, 256 p.
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